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Current quiz: US Presidency 2012

This site provides you with a simple tool to see how closely the main candidates' views match your own. WSYVF is not funded by or linked to any political party or interest group.

1. State how much you agree or disagree with the statements below (see quiz FAQ)
Note: you should only select the 'strongly' options for the issues that are most important to you; if you don't think an issue is relevant, pick 'neutral' rather than disagree
2. The site will then compare your views with the policy statements of the major candidates

ECONOMY The government SHOULD have bailed out US car makers in 2008/09NO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ECONOMY Taxes SHOULD be increased to reduce the federal deficitNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ECONOMY The government SHOULD have bailed out financial institutions like AIG in 2008/9NO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ECONOMY The richest 1% of Americans SHOULD be taxed more heavilyNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ECONOMY Congress SHOULD have increased the debt limit in August 2011 to prevent defaultNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ECONOMY Social security SHOULD be privatisedNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
SOCIETY The minimum age for drinking SHOULD be reduced from 21NO!!noneutralyesYES!!
SOCIETY Abortion SHOULD be illegal in all casesNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
SOCIETY Marijuana SHOULD be legalisedNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
SOCIETY Gay marriage SHOULD be legalisedNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
GUN CONTROL Assault weapons SHOULD remain legalNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
GUN CONTROL Most adults SHOULD have the right to carry a concealed weaponNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
CRIME The death penalty SHOULD remain legal in the USANO!!noneutralyesYES!!
CRIME Felons SHOULD have the right to voteNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ENVIRONMENT Oil drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge SHOULD be allowedNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ENVIRONMENT The Clean Air Act SHOULD be amended to exclude carbon dioxide (CO2) from regulationNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
EDUCATION Sex education that is more than 'abstinence only' SHOULD be taught in schoolsNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
EDUCATION The federal government should fund private school voucher programmesNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ELECTORAL REFORM Voters SHOULD be required to show photo ID in order to voteNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
ELECTORAL REFORM Corporations SHOULD be able to make unlimited political contributionsNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
HEALTHCARE All Americans SHOULD have the right to be entitled to basic healthcareNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
HEALTHCARE The 2010 federal healthcare reform laws ('Obamacare') SHOULD be overturnedNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
HEALTHCARE There SHOULD be a federal mandate for all adults to have health insuranceNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
FOREIGN POLICY The Iraq war HAS made the USA saferNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
FOREIGN POLICY The USA SHOULD refrain from intervening in Syria NO!!noneutralyesYES!!
FOREIGN POLICY The USA SHOULD use only sanctions, and not military force if Iran continues its nuclear programmeNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
IMMIGRATION The USA SHOULD build a physical barrier along its border with MexicoNO!!noneutralyesYES!!
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