Political Leaning Quiz (long version)

This quiz was adapted from Chris Lightfoot's Political Survey

New roads and railways should be built by private companies, not the government
Services like health care, education and social security should be provided by the government, not by private enterprise
Sometimes interest rates should be raised to reduce inflation, even if doing so would cause a large number of job losses
Drivers should pay enough tax to cover the cost of environmental damage caused by motor transport, even if that would price some people off the roads
The government should raise revenue by taxing consumption rather than income
Overall, economic migrants bring benefits to our country
The government should subsidise farmers so that they stay in business, even if it would be cheaper to buy food from abroad
Everyone bears a moral responsibility for the actions of their government, even when they do not support them
Anybody who wants top-quality health care should expect to have to pay for it
Our nation has a glorious history
We should offer sanctuary to anybody fleeing persecution
Alcohol is a more dangerous drug than marijuana
Sometimes the only way to make a legitimate point of view heard is to break the law
Scientists bear no moral responsibility for how their discoveries are used
There are some sexual acts which are immoral, even between consenting adults
Women should not be allowed to have abortions, whatever the circumstances
National law should always override international agreements
Our armed forces should intervene to stop genocide in other countries
In the right circumstances, cutting taxes can increase government revenue
Drug abuse is a problem primarily because of its effects on drug users, not its effects on the rest of society
The only way for some workers to achieve fair pay is through striking
Small businesses are more important to the economy than large corporations
The government should act to stop companies paying executives excessive salaries

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